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Q: Which football club did Steven Pienaar play for?
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What national football team does steven pienaar play for?

South africa!

Who does Steven Pienaar play for?

Tottenham Hotspur and South Africa.

Which national team does Steven Pienaar play for?

South Africa.

What team does steven pienaar play for in the word cup in 2010?

South Africa.

Does Steven Gerrard play for Liverpool Football Club?

Yes.He has played there for the entirety of his career.

For Which English team does south Africa's winger steven pienaar play?

He played last season for Everton , also called the toffes.

Do any of the South Africa football players play in the premier league?

Yes. Steve Pienaar and Arron Mokoena

For what club does Steven Defour play?

As of June 2014, Steven Defour plays for Porto, a club in Portugal.

What colour does Charlton Football Club play in?

The Charlton football club play in red jerseys.

What sport does Steven Gerrard play?


Did Steven Spielberg play football?

yes he did

What is the purpose of the a football club?

to play football