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The Cleveland Browns with 17 (9 passing, 7 rushing, 1 on defense).

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Q: Which football NFL team has the least touchdown in year 2000?
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In both Canadian and American football as touchdown gets the team two points. In Canadian football the field is larger and the team has twelve players instead of the American team that has eleven.

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A "TD" in football is a "touchdown" and is worth 6 points. Following a TD, a team has an opportunity to score a "PAT," or point after touchdown. This can be a kick for one point, or a run for two points.

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A touchdown is scored in football when a player carries the ball over the opposing players' goal line, or if he catches a pass in the end zone. Another way to score a touchdown is if the offensive team has its back close to the end zone and the quarterback has to step into the end zone to make his play and there is a fumble. If the defensive team recovers they score a touchdown.

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