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The men who have won the UEFA Champions League as both a player and a coach with the same team are; Miguel Munoz (Real Madrid, player-1956,1957 and coach-1960,1966), Carlo Ancelotti (Milan, player-1989,1990 and coach-2003,2007) and Josep Guardiola (Barcelona, player-1992 and coach-2009).

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2009-10-28 06:55:58
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Q: Which five men have won the champions league as a player and as manager of the same side.?
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The Real Madrid player Alberto Di Stefano won the champion league five times the most by a player.

Has any player scored 5 goals in a Champions League match?

No no footballer yhas scored five goals in a single champion league game.

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How many times have Liverpool won the Champions League European cup?

five times

What team has won the uefa champions league the third most times?

It is Liverpool five times.

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