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a graphics field:)

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Q: Which field type can store photo?
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Which field type can store photos?

a graphics field:)

What is the type of data that can be stored in a field?

we can store an object type data into a field.

Is a specific type of social networking website that allows user to create an online photo album and store and share their digital photos?

a photo sharing community

A field who has data type that can store an OLE object which is an object linked to or embedded in the table?

A field whose data type is OLE Object can store an OLE object. Which is an object linked to or embedded in the table.

What field data type can store a unique sequential number that access assigns?


What field with a Yes and No data type can store only one of two values The choices are?


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How do you apply photo in Yahoo?

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Which field type is used to store picture in a table?

i dont know so dont ask me please

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