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Some famous footballers that have become football coaches include Larry Wilson, Ken Whisenhunt, Norman Van Brocklin, Don Shula and Dan Reeves. You can learn more about these coaches online at the Wikipedia.

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Q: Which famous footballers have become football coaches?
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Famous french footballers?

There have been many famous French footballers over the years. A few of the most famous football players are Franck Ribery, Lilian Thuram, and Eric Cantona.

Who is the most famous football player?

The most famous American footballers include Joe Montana and Deion Sanders The most famous English footballers (soccer players) include Lionel Messi and Franz Beckenbauer.

Why do people go to Europe to play football?

mainly because football to Europe is like American football to America, footballers become much more famous much more quickly and can earn exorbitant amounts of money per week

Who are all the fired famous football coaches in last 20 years?

Tyrone Willingham

Who are some famous Catholic footballers?

Many footballers belonging to a region where Catholicism is practised a lot are most likely to be Catholics. When you watch a football match, footballers who make cross signs before a match are Catholics. There certainly arent few. Many Brazilian and Italian footballers are Catholic.

Who are the most famous football players of the US?

The most famous footballers from the U.S.A are Tim Howard, Bret Friddell, Mac Bride , Tony Meola, Dempsey.

How did Barry Sanders become famous?

he became famous for joining football

What can you say in a presentation about football?

you can say alot of things.. here is a list of things you can say what is football rules of football why you like it benefits of playing the game famous footballers all these points can be included in your presentation

How did Fernando Torres become famous?

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What did Tom Brady become famous for?

He is a football quarterback

How did Kurt Warner become famous?

played football

What is Bill Peterson famous for?

William E.Bill Peterson was an American football coach who was well known for his unique training methods in football formations and techniques. He earned the nickname "The Coach of Coaches", given as he often tutored many famous coaches such as Joe Gibbs, Don James, or Ken Meyer.

Famous German footballers?

There are many famous footballers who come from Germany. For example, there is Bastian Schweinsteiger who plays midfield for the national team.

Who were Famous footballers of the 1970s?

Billy Bremner

How Pele become famous?

By being rather good at football.

How did John Madden become famous?

he was a good football player

Are there Any famous footballers born in Manchester?

Manchester born premiership footballers - Brown, Wellbeck and Johnson.

Who is Xavi and Enrique in Barcelona?

They are famous Spanish footballers.

Three things Brazil is famous for?

Brazil is famous for its Footballers, its coffe and the famous statue of jesus.

What are Footballers name beginning with j?

Trying to find the names of famous footballers whose first name begins with a j

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Pele was one of the best brazilan footballers

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Rey Mysterio Mexico footballers?

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Im doing a project on enland footballers but i cant seem to find who the most famous England football player is?

david beckham=most famous bobby moore=captain of 66 world cup winners,most famous past player

Are there any famous people in Uruguay?

Yes There are famous footballers such as Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez