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He is Sir Isaac Vivian Richards.

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Q: Which famous cricketer holds the record of playing both the football and cricket World Cups?
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Is It Italy famous for Football and Cricket?

Italy is not famous for cricket!

What person is famous for playing cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar. Having played for almost 20 years, he is probably the most watched cricketer in histpry.

Who is the most famous cricket player in India?

The most famous cricketer of India is Sachin Tendulkar.

Which is world famous game's cricket or football?


What was Sanath Jayasuriya famous for?

Sanath jayasooriya is a famous person. He is a cricketer. He was a great batsman.

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football And Cricket is the famous game of the world

Who is famous cricketer in srilanka?

who is the famous cricketer of srilanka

What are the most famous Australian sports?

Cricket, football(soccer),rugby, swimming

What is Sanath Jayasuriya most famous for?

Sri Lankan politician Sanath Jayasuriya is internationally known for a career as cricketer. Playing from 1990 to 2011, Jayasuriya is considered an all time great player in the game of cricket, winning an MVP in 1996's Cricket World Cup and is the only player to ever score over 13,000 runs in One Day International events.

What is Imran Khan famous for?

He is famous for playing cricketer in pakistani and also playing international crickets for 2 decades in the twentieth century and after retiring he entered into politics.

What is a famous sport in the US?

The United States of America is famous for both football and baseball. Baseball is a sport that is derived from cricket and football is derived from rugby.

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There are many to choose from: Sir Don Bradman was probably the greatest batsman of all time. Sir Richard Hadlee was the only one to be knighted while still playing first class cricket. Which did the questioner have in mind ? In the current scenario, Ricky Pointing is considered to be the most famous cricketer with two world cup titles under his belt.

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