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Q: Which famous boxer has twin daughters?
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Did Tutankhamen have twin daughters?

no he did not have twin daughters but he did have dauters

What is twin daughters in Hebrew?

twin daughters (or female twins) = te'umot (תאומות)

Does president bush have twin daughters?

George H.W. Bush does not have a twin brother. George H.W. Bush does have twin daughters whose names are Jenna and Barbara Bush.

Is Mohammed a famous boxer?

Yes. Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer.

Does meat loaf have twin daughters?

Meat Loaf does have two daughters, but they are not twins.

Why was Barbara Boxer famous for?

Barbara Boxer a famous politician from United States of Jewish religion.

Is muhammad ali famous?

Yes Mohammad Ali is famous boxer, his daughter Layla Ali is also famous as a boxer.

Does Sally gardner have a family?

She has a boy and twin daughters

Is Rita Ora pregnant?

yes, she has twin daughters

What is Muhammad Ali's daughters name the one that is a boxer?

Laila Ali

What is Barbara boxer famous for?

Barbara Boxer was/is the senate of CA.

You are having twins and everyone in your family who has a twin one of them died does this mean one of your twin daughters will die?

No it does not.