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Fraser has won all 3 olympic games.

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Q: Which famous Australian swam in three olympic games?
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What famous Australian athlete swam in three Olympic games?

Dawn Fraser has won all 3 olympic games.

Who are some famous female field hockey athletes?

Nikki Hudson (australian striker, most capped player with 300+ games and 99 international goals at the time of her retirement) Rechelle Hawkes (australian, won three olympic gold medals) Alyson Annan (australian) Luciana Aymar (dutch)

Which number of Olympic games will the 2012 games be?


What are three events in the Summer Olympic Games?

Three events in the Summer Olympic Games include: - Aquatics - Equestrian - Fencing

What is some information about Stephanie Rice?

Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who was born the 17th of June of 1988. She is an Olympic medalist, she won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008.

Which city has hosted three Olympic games?


How many weeks will the olympic games last?

Three weeks

What do the first three athletes of every event get in the olympic games?


What are some famous people in Belarus?

Olga KorbutThe legendary gymnast won 4 Olympic Gold medals (three of them at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972). In 1972 Korbut was named Best Sportswoman in the World.

Where were the last 3 olympic games held?

The last three olympic games where held in sydney, athens and beijing. And then obviously this years is in london.

What is paavo nurmi famous for?

Nurmi won a total of nine gold and three silver medals in the 12 events in which he competed at the olympic games from 1920 to 1928

Will London be the first city to host three Olympic games?


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