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The Super Bowl.

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Q: Which event has the most viewers - the Super Bowl or the NCAA Tournament?
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What event has more viewers the champions league final or the Super Bowl?

It is the Champion League.

What event has more viewers Wrestle mania or the super bowl?

The Super Bowl has more viewers than Wrestlemania. 19 of the top 20 most viewed programs in the history of US are Super Bowls.

Does the super bowl or the champions league final hove more viewers worldwide?

Based on the current ratings system, The Super Bowl still ranks as the worlds most watched single game sporting event. However in 2009 the UEFA drew a record 109,000,000 viewers, surpassing that years Super Bowl, which has an estimated audience of 106,000,000 viewers.

Which has more viewers the Daytona 500 or the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl.

What is the number of Super Bowl viewers in 2009?

95.4 million viewers

Who has more viewers the world cup or super bowl?

the super bowl, mostly for the commercials

Who has played in a super bowl that has won a master's tournament?

No winners of the Masters Golf Tournament has ever played in a Super Bowl.

WHich Super Bowl had the most television viewers?

SuPer bowl 45 greenbay vs steelers

Does the super bowl get more viewers then the Stanley cup?


What region had more viewers for the super bowl?


How many american viewers for Super bowl XLiii?

About 111.5 million people watched the Super Bowl 48.

Which Super Bowl has the most viewers in history?

2009 steelers cardinals 97.5 million viewers

How many Americans watch the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XLV attracted an estimated audience of 111 million viewers.

What Super Bowl has most viewers?

So far, the most viewed Super Bowl was the Super Bowl XLIV (44) between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, which on CBS had 153.4 million viewers in the US. It was the most viewed TV show in American history.

How many televised viewers In 1966 Super Bowl?

27 million

How many viewers watched the super bowl last year?


Number of Super Bowl viewers on tv?

The 2008 Super Bowl telecast was the most watched Super Bowl of all time, with an average of 97.5 million viewers in the United States and 148.3 million total viewers watched some part of the game. The broadcast achieved its highest Nielsen ratings (43.3) for the game since Super Bowl XXXIV. It was also the second most-watched TV program of all time in the United States.

How many people watched Super Bowl 48?

Super Bowl (48) XLVIII, played on February 2, 2014, had 112.2 million viewers.

Is the college basketball tournament the most watched sporting event?

No, the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in America. If you're speaking on international terms, it's the FIFA World Cup.

How many TV viewers watched the broadcast of Super Bowl XLII?

a lot

Why is pro bowl before the super bowl?

If after the superbowl people would be past football and the viewers would drop.

Does the Super Bowl or the World Series have more viewers?

The Super Bowl usually has more watchers , as it has millions of viewers nationwide. The World Series may have more, however, depending on the number of games in the MLB Chamionship.-JF

What makes the Super Bowl an annual event?

The Super Bowl is an annual event because it occurs once a year, at the end of each NFL season.

What is the main reason for a such a promotion of the super bowl?

Promoting a Super Bowl and airing ads is giving advertising and marketing to a large audience. Many Super Bowl Ads cost millions of dollars because of the amount of traffic and viewers that will see it.

What was the biggest project beyonce has done?

As an entertainer, it is performing at the super bowl. It is impossible to be commercialized in front of 110 million viewers, if not trough the super bowl half time performance