Which event did Cynisca of Sparta win?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Which event did Cynisca of Sparta win?
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Is it Kyniska or Cynisca?

It is Cynisca. She was an ancient Greek princess and the first woman to win at the Olympic Games.

When did Cynisca of Sparta die?

well, she was born in 440 B.C.E, and she lived in Sparta....oh yeah she trained in 396 B.C.E

Why was Cynisca famous?

Because she was the first woman to win the Oylmpics.

When was Gephyra cynisca created?

Gephyra cynisca was created in 1895.

Did Sparta win any Olympics?


The only original Olympics contestants?

The original Olympics began in Olympia, Greece in 776 AD. Some of the contestants who participated include Cynisca of Sparta, Tiberius and Nero.

What battles did Sparta win?

There were scores of battles involving Sparta. Be specific about the time period you are looking at.

Did Sparta win the battles on Sea?

Sparta was not strong at sea, Sparta let it's allied sea friends handle those affairs.

How many batteles did Sparta win?

Out of there 56 37

How many wars did Sparta win?

they won 16

How many battles did Sparta win?


What polis always expected to win in competitions?

Sparta and Athens