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Q: Which engines go into a 96 Plymouth breeze?
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Fuel pump problems for 2000 Plymouth breeze?

found out today, after changing my fuel pump last month, that there is a recall. go to i tried a 1800 number but couldn't get through

What price motor mounts Plymouth Breeze?

Depends on who you go to for supply to do it yourself is cheapest having someone else do it can vary

97 Plymouth breeze did new rear shoes compressed as far as they will go can't get drums back on why?

try turning the star adjuster.

Why would a 1997 Plymouth breeze manual trans not go into reverse or fifth gear?

i would think it's a syncronizer inside the transmission

Where can you download a Plymouth breeze repair manual?

u cant. go to ur local auto parts store. its under 20 bucks

What causes poor performance on a 1999 Plymouth breeze It has no get up and go on take off?

No get up and go on take off? That's because it's not supposed to fly...

Is the Plymouth 2.4 L a INTERFERENCE ENGINES?

The 99 Breeze 2.4 L dohc engine is non-interference. I just went through a broken timing belt on my daughters car. The Plymouth Breeze with the X in the V.I.N. are free wheeling design. The pistons in this engine have cut-outs on their domes to allow clearance with belt failure. Some 2.4's are interference, on other Chrysler engines. Here is a good website to get information on timing belts and interference and non-interference engine applications for a variety of vehicles.

What is landbreeze and seabreeze?

Land breeze is the breeze from the land that goes that go to the breeze

How do you install a new right side electric mirror on a 96 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

Go to this website. It will show how to replace the side mirror.

What nicknames does David Breeze go by?

David Breeze goes by Breezey.

How do you disconnect power to the battery on a 99 Plymouth Breeze 2.4 so you can connect things to the terminals?

Power does not go to the battery, it comes from the battery, except when the car is running. At that time power does go to the battery from the alternator. Disconnect the + battery terminal.

Where did the piligrims go?


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