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Duke has more alltime wins. The Blue Devils are fourth in historical wins.

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Q: Which duke or Ohio state most win ncaa basketball?
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Who has won the most NCAA men's basketball championships Pitt or Ohio State?

Ohio State won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1960. Pitt has never won it.

Which state has the most school participating in the men's basketball NCAA tournament?


Who holds record for most steals in Ohio State basketball history?

Jerry Francis

What is Duke's most popular sport?

The most popular sport at Duke University is basketball.

Which the most winner duke or Notre Dame college basketball?

duke or notre dame college basketball most win series??

What 5 colleges have the most current NBA players?

LSU North Carolina Kansas Duke Ohio state

Who has the most points in duke basketball history?

J.J. Redick

Which team had the most NCAA basketball wins in 1948?


What do Jordan people like most in sports?

Duke basketball

Which men's NCAA college basketball team has had the most Final Four appearances?

18 North Carolina 18 UCLA (or 17 with 1 vacated) 14 Duke 13 Kansas 13 Kentucky 10 Ohio State

What basketball player scored the most points in mens duke basketball history?

J.J. Redick

Who has played the most mens basketball games in Ohio State history?

Jerry Lucas. Jerry Francis, 133 games.

What was the most lopsided basketball game ever?

Florida vs. Ohio State in the NCAA championship a few years back!

Which womens NCAA college basketball teams have the most wins?


List of most wins in college basketball since 2000?


Who has the most road wins in Mens college basketball?

Duke University

What Duke basketball player has most career points?

Johnny Dawkins

What nccaa basketball team has the most wins since 1980?


Which team has the most wins in college basketball since 1990?


Who has most number one seeds in NCAA basketball tournament?


What state has the most teams in the 2013 NCAA basketball tournament?

5 Colleges - North Carolina North Carolina A & T State University Duke UNCC NC State Davidson

Who holds the record for most points scored in a basketball game at Ohio State University?

Ohio State University has a long and rich tradition in men's basketball. Many great players have played for the Buckeyes but Gary Bradds holds the record for the most points scored in a game-- 49 on February 10, 1964.

Which schools after USC had the most drafted in 2009 NFL draft?

THE Ohio State THE Ohio State THE Ohio State

What NCAA program has the most wins since 2000 in mens basketball?


What team has the Most wins in NCAA mens basketball season?

duke with 37