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The first-base side.

Or, depending on the league, the home team gets choice... but the home team picks the 3rd-base side almost 99% of the time.

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Q: Which dugout does the visiting team sit in for softball?
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Which dugout does the away team sit in in a softball game?

Third base dugout

What dugout does the Cincinnati Reds sit in?

The home team sits in the 1b dugout and the visitors sit in the 3B dugout.

Which dugout does the home team sit in?

First base

Can a softball coach sit outside the dugout to call the pitches?

yes they can not saying that the empires will say that it is a stirke or not!

What dugout does the visiting team sit in during a baseball game?

Their own. Generally if they sit in the home team's dugout, there's bound to be a fight or two. Seriously, it varies from stadium to stadium. Often the home team is on the 3rd base side, with the visitors across at 1st base. But there's no hard and fast rule. Sarcasm does not seem appropriate for answering a question.

Where home team sit in National League baseball?

There is no official dugout for home teams and/or visiting teams in professional baseball. Each ball park is different with the home team dugout pre-determined. The dugouts are usually connected to the team's locker rooms, which are also pre-determined. In other words, the home team dugout may be on the first base side in some stadiums, or on the third base side in others. In amateur ball, such as Little League, etc., the league rules usually designates which dugout is to be occupied by the designated home team and which will be occupied by the designated visiting team.

What dugout does the Kansas City Royals sit in?

any home team will sit on the 1st base side=any away team will sit on the 3rd base side=

What is a dugout in baseball?

It is a place where the people not currently on the field sit. there is one for each team.

What is a baseball dugout?

It is a place where the people not currently on the field sit. there is one for each team.

Where do the seattle mariners team sit on home games?

Unlike most teams, the Mariners sit in the first base dugout at home games.

What is the name of a roofed structure where the baseball players sit when not on the playing field?


Which dugout do the New York Yankees sit in at Yankee Stadium?

The Yankees always sit in the dugout on the first base side of Yankee Stadium.

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