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Which dugout does the Tampa bet rays use at home

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Q: Which dugout do the Tampa Bay Rays use for the home team?
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Tampa Bay Devil Rays dugout first or third?

In baseball the home team is in the first base dugout and the visiting team is in the third base dugout. So when the Devil Rays are playing at home they are in the first base dugout. When they are playing a road game, they are in the third base dugout.

What is the baseball home team for Tampa Bay?

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays

What baseline is the home team dugout in little league baseball?

In little league baseball, the home team dugout is the 3rd base dugout.

What is the baseball home team for Florida?

Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays

What team turned into Tampa Bay rays?

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays became the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008.

Where are the rays baseball team from?

The Rays baseball team is from Tampa Bay.

What is the team salary for the Tampa Bay Rays?

The Tampa Bay Rays's 2014 team salary is $81532891, 24th in the MLB.

What is Tampa Florida home to?

Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, & Tampa Bay Rays.Tampa Bay Lightning - hockeyTampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL TeamTampa Bay Rays - MLB Team

What dugout does the Cincinnati Reds sit in?

The home team sits in the 1b dugout and the visitors sit in the 3B dugout.

In Major League Baseball which dugout is the home team's?

There is no set rule on which dugout is occupied by the home team in the Major Leagues. It varies in different stadiums.

Which dugout does the home team sit in?

First base

What is the name of Tampa's pro baseball team?

Tampa Bay Rays

What is the mascot for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team?

Raymond (Tampa Bay)

What dug out does the visiting team use?

It doesn't matter which dugout the visiting team uses. A general rule is that the home team picks which dugout they want to use and the visiting team is forced to use the opposite dugout. The location of the home/visiting dugouts are not ordered by age, league, etc. But rather, preference.

When did the rays become a baseball team?

The Tampa Bay Rays were established in 1998.

What team entered the major league in 1998?

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Why are the Tampa Bay Rays called the Tampa Bay Rays?

It is their name because every team has to have a name. It was shortened to The Rays from the Devil Rays because the Devil Rays really were not at all winning games.

Who are is the best football player in the Tampa Bay Rays Team?

The Rays are a baseball team... not a football team

Who is the Tampa Bay Rays?

The rays are Tampa, Fl baseball team. They used to be called the Devil Rays, but got there named changed about 5 or so years ago.

What side of the field is home dugout on?

There is no rule that states the home dugout needs to be on a particular side. This is completely up to the owners/management of the team

Where home team sit in National League baseball?

There is no official dugout for home teams and/or visiting teams in professional baseball. Each ball park is different with the home team dugout pre-determined. The dugouts are usually connected to the team's locker rooms, which are also pre-determined. In other words, the home team dugout may be on the first base side in some stadiums, or on the third base side in others. In amateur ball, such as Little League, etc., the league rules usually designates which dugout is to be occupied by the designated home team and which will be occupied by the designated visiting team.

What team was Evan longoria on?

Tampa Bay Rays

When did the Tampa Bay rays become a team?

The Tampa Bay Rays team was created in 2008 (the year they won the pennant), however the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have been around since March 31, 1998. They have played at Tropicana Field in Saint Petersburg, Florida since the creation of the Devil Rays.

Where is the home team dugout located for each major league team?

there is no set assignment

What team does manny ramirez play for?

Tampa bay rays