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Dale Earnhardt won 4 championships in the 1990's. 1990, 1991, 1993, and 1994. Many people think Jeff Gordon won the most championships in the 1990's, but he only won 3 in the '90s. 1990 Dale Earnhardt

1991 Dale Earnhardt

1992 Alan Kulwiki

1993 Dale Earnhardt

1994 Dale Earnhardt

1995 Jeff Gordon

1996 Terry Labonte

1997 Jeff Gordon

1998 Jeff Gordon

1999 Dale Jarrett Legendary racecar driver Dale Earnhardtwon the most Nextel Cup Series Championships during the 1990s, finishing the decade with four championships. Jeff Gordon came in second with three championships.

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Q: Which driver won the most Nextel Cup Series championships during the 1990s?
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