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Dr. Tylock has been named "Best Lasik Surgeon" for the fourth time by his peers in D Magazine. He is the official Lasik provider for the Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars. Dr. Jeffrey Whitman has also been named as one of the best in D Magazine, as has Dr. William Boothe.

Dr. John Goosey -

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Q: Which doctor was rated the best Lasik provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?
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Is Lasik Surgery Worth It?

Lasik eye surgery is a relatively new procedure (its popular use began in the 1990s) to correct one’s vision by changing the shape of the cornea in order to drastically reduce or completely eliminate the need for corrective glasses or lenses. The main factors to consider before getting Lasik are function, risks, and affordability. Function refers to the usefulness you will get from a Lasik procedure. If you are happy wearing glasses/contacts or rarely need them, Lasik may not be worth the costs and potential risks involved. However, if you are someone who sees corrective lenses as a burden or requires better eyesight, Lasik can be a huge improvement in your life. Be wary of your Lasik needs. For professions that require perfect or near perfect eyesight, Lasik is not always a quick fix to give you perfect vision (e.g. pilots). If you are considering Lasik as a means of pursuing a career, check with your potential employer before getting surgery to ensure Lasik corrected eyesight is appropriate for the position. For most, the simple desire to see without lenses is enough motivation and benefit to outweigh the costs and risk involved in Lasik. The jury is still out on the risks of Lasik. As a relatively new procedure, there is no long term data on potential risks. As with all medical procedures, there is an unavoidable, albeit potentially low chance of harm. Short term, documented risks of Lasik include inflammation, dry eyes, vision LOSS, and the potential for diminishing benefits with time, amongst others. Lasik is not for everyone, especially those who participate in high contact activities (think sports), minors (under 18), people with certain diseases/conditions, and those who have had a lens prescription change within the last year. The most effective way to evaluate your risks vs. benefits is to seek multiple doctor opinions and asking questions based on personal research. Finally, Lasik should not be pursued based on price alone. Lasik prices are currently quite variant, but expect to pay at least a couple thousand dollars. Your best bet is to ignore price, focusing rather on doctor opinions of reliable and effective Lasik surgeons.

Where can you get the best Lasik surgery in Nashville?

Nowhere. Lasik surgery sucks and is not worth the risk. As a damaged Lasik patient who needed three invasive vitrectomy surgeries to remove floaters caused by Lasik, I can tell you that every Lasik surgeon has his share of mistakes with this unpredictable surgery. Even if problems don't surface right away, most people have a tendency to have vision regression over time. I have also read stories of a severe eye condition called ectasia that occurs because of Lasik's thinning of the cornea. Lasik is a risk to your eye health and your health overall in general. Do some reading and you'll find some dirty, filthy practices going on within the Lasik industry to keep the cash cow alive.

With astigmatism and a prescription of -7.25 and -6.75 will lasik work?

This prescription can be treated by many types of lasers and my personal experience is that LASIK can work for this correction. There are other things to consider however including how thick are the corneas, how large are the pupils, how much is the astigmatism, and what is the shape of the corneas to begin with. Only a full eye examination can fully answer this question, but many patients with very strong prescriptions can be successfully corrected by LASIK and regardless of the prescription, it is worth having a competent eye specialist evaluate your situation thoroughly. Many LASIK doctors such as ourselves offer no cost evaluations to help you make this determination.

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What type of cost would someone be looking at for Lasik Eye Surgery?

"The cost of Lasik can vary from between under $1000 and over $3000 per eye depending on the surgeon, the city, and the amount of work/difficulty of the work. In general, the better surgeons require a higher price but are well worth it."

Is changing your diet to improve vision an effective alternative to lasik eye surgery?

Sites such as claim that improvements / changes in diet may help with vision, but what matters both for the effectiveness of diets and Lasik, is the cause of your vision problem. A balanced diet is always a good idea, but it's worth seeing an eye specialist to determine the cause of your eye difficulties before taking any further action.

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