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The Pac-10

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Q: Which division are the Washington Huskies in for basketball?
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Who are the Washington Huskies top ten scoring leaders in basketball?


What is the name of the college basketball team that won the men division last year?

Uconn Huskies

Winningest Mens College basketball record at home?

921 washington huskies hec edmunson pavillion

When was Washington Huskies created?

Washington Huskies was created in 1889.

Is Washington Huskies basketball player Isaiah Thomas related to this Isaiah Thomas?

No. However, he was named after the NBA star.

When was Houston Baptist Huskies men's basketball created?

Houston Baptist Huskies men's basketball was created in 1963.

When was Washington Huskies football created?

Washington Huskies football was created in 1889.

What season did the Washington Huskies go undefeated?

In the 1991 season the Washington Huskies went undefeated.

Who won the mens NCAA basketball championship in 2014?

Connecticut Huskies

Where can you buy Washington Huskies Washington 2010 Sideline Power Hoody-Purple?

Huskies team store by the Football stadium

What is the Washington huskies logo font?

The Washington Huskies logo font is a custom typeface designed specifically for the university. It is not a commercially available font.

2004 NCAA men's basketball champion?

UConn Huskies