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Considering all the time wwe stars put in trying to look good on camera I imagine both Melina and Maryse have good smelling feet.

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Q: Which diva has the smelliest feet Maryse or Melina?
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Which WWE diva and tna knockout have stinky feet?

From the past: Lita, Molly holly, Sonny The Present: WWE: Melina, Natalya TNA:Velvet Sky,Taylor Wilde, Mickie james,

Would Melina Perez ever smell someone else's feet?

I think Melina would smell someone else's feet because she has smelled Santino marella's feet before & she still smells his feet.

Does maryse from WWE have ticklish feet?

It is very possible that Maria Kanellis has ticklish feet. Most of the population has some part of their body that is ticklish.

Does Vickie Guerrero have stinky feet?

Yes they're the smelliest. AJ Lee should force teen girls to smell them

Does WWE diva trish stratus feet smell?

Yes, I've heard she has sweaty soles.

Which divas having the beautiful feet in WWE?

Melina Perez has a sexy pair of feet in my opinion.... Also, Ex-divas Amy dumas (Lita) has an extremely pretty pair of feet, they look pretty smelly though, lol.

Does Melina Perez have nice feet?

Yes, she does. She barely ever wear high heels, truly never. I can assure you, her feet are the best, her soles would smell pretty darn heavy as well, perfect for a foot smelling fan

Is WWE diva kelly kelly ticklish?

Yes she so ticklish that when people tickled her she will end up pee herself.

How do you get rid of the smell of a Basset Hound?

Well yes, I happen to have a basset hound named Dottie. Her ears, head, and feet are the most smelliest. So, I would say clean the basset hound's ears? Or her head and feet?(btw clean the ears with alcohol or like those ear cleaning liquid.) Hope this helps! :)

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The Amorphophallus titanum, also known as the Titan Arum or the "Corpse Flower". The plant has one of the largest, rarest, and smelliest flowers in the world. The palnt can grow to a height of 7-10 feet. The flowers can have a diameter of 5-6 feet. Unfortunately, this beautiful flower, when blooming smells like rotting flesh!

Is Maryse ticklish?

somebody asked her where she was ticklish over the internet and she replied these exact words "My feet. (Giggles) Every time I get a pedicure, I'm just laughing for 45 minutes." heres a link to this page, there are alot of questions on there so just scroll down till you find it.

Where is WWE diva maria ticklish?

Maria is ticklish all over, especially on her feet. There was a scene back in the days of Snitsky and his foot fetish where he played "little piggy" with Marias feet and it tickled her. She has also admited herself she is very ticklish.