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The shot putt is measured in metres. The current record for men is in excess of 23 metres.

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Q: Which distance is measured in shot put?
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How do you write shot put distance?

like this "shot put distance"

What is shot put?

Shot put is to try to throw a heavy ball the longest distance

What is the average womens shot put distance?

distance"Mid twenties

How is distance measured at cosmological scales?

Distance at galactic scales is usually measured in terms of lightyears. Distance at cosmological scales may also be put in terms of Hubble red-shift factors.

What is the average distance for high school shot-put?

45 feet

Do you measure from the front or back of the rim when measuring for the foul and three-point lines?

When shooting free throws, the distance is measured from the foul line to the base of the backboard. In the case of 3-pointers, the shortest distance is measured...depending on where the ball is shot from. If you shoot from the corner, the distance is measured to the side of the rim. If you shoot from the top of the 3 point arc, the distance is measured to the front of the rim.

How is distance to a satellite measured?

The distance to a satellite is measured in miles.

How is distance measured from the Equator?

Distance from the Equator is measured in Latitude .

How is the distance to a satellite measured?

the distance between a satellite is measured by the miles

What are the scoring for discus and shot put?

There is no "scoring" system is shot put and discus. Each throw is measured and for each participant, their furthest thow recorded and is their final "score". The competitor with the furthest throw wins.

What can be measured in kilometres?

Distance is measured in kilometres, such as the distance between two towns, or the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

What can measured in meters?

Distance can be measured in metres.

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