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strawberries and cream

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Q: Which dish is associated with the Wimbledon tennis tournament?
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Who is given the Venus rosewater dish at Wimbledon?

The Venus Rosewater Dish is given to the women's singles champion at Wimbledon.

What is Wimbledon's traditional dish?

strawberries and cream

What is the traditional dish served at Wimbledon?


Do they get to keep the Wimbledon trophies?

The winners of Wimbledon do not get to keep the trophies they are presented with but instead get to take home miniature replicas. The Men's Singles Champion is presented with the Gentlemen's Singles Trophy a silver gilt cup with a cover. This is the exact same trophy presented to the first ever winner of this particular tennis tournament back in 1887. The Women's Singles Champion is presented with a silver salver referred to as the "Rosewater Dish" or "Venus Rosewater Dish". This trophy was made back in 1864 by Messrs Elkington And Company Limited based in Birmingham and cost 50 Guineas (£52.50) to be made.

Name Wimbledon women's singles trophy?

The trophy the winning female wins is called the Venus Rosewater Dish.

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depending on what shoe and material

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What is Venus Rose Water Dish?

This is an embossed plate with mythological characters on it. The original is in a museum but a gold copy is given the the female that wins Wimbledon each year.

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