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A ball doesn't start spinning just because it has hit the ground. It might roll or bounce but not spin. If it does then it depends on the spin you put on it before it hits the ground.

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as high as you can get it basically

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Q: Which direction will ball spin when it hits the ground?
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Why does a ball spin the opposite direction after it hits the ground?

When a ball bounces off the ground, the force of the impact can cause it to spin in the opposite direction due to conservation of angular momentum. This occurs because the contact with the ground changes the distribution of mass around the ball's axis, leading to a reverse spin direction.

The physics principle behind spin bowling in cricket is based on?

Spin bowling is a rather simple idea compared to say swing bowling. Two basic physics concepts allow spin bowling to happen: inertia and friction. The basic plan is that the bowler releases the ball such that it spins laterally in a certain direction (toward either the leg or off side: bowler's choice). When the ball actually hits the ground, the inertia of the ball combined with the friction of the pitch turns the spin into a momentary roll. The ball thus converts some of its spin into kinetic energy to move the ball in the direction of the spin. So when it comes back up off the ground upon completion of the bounce, it's actually moving in a different direction. You can demonstrate this phenomenon for yourself with any simple ball capable of bouncing. Instead of simply dropping it onto a level floor, try dropping it while imparting a spin. When it hits the ground, you'll see the spin influence the direction the ball bounces. Spin bowling is simply a much-more-refined version of this technique.

What is control in ping pong?

Control in table tennis has to do with the surface of the paddle and with the motion of the player when he hits the ball. If the ball is struck "straight through" then there will be no spin on the ball. Anything else imparts spin, and the direction and amount of spin can be adjusted by the player by how he hits the ball. Use the link to the related question on paddle construction and read down through it. More details are available there to fill out this answer.

What is tops in tennis?

Tops probably refers to tops-spin, which is where the ball spins forward, and when it hits the ground speeds up.

How do you induce a groundball?

You induce the batter into hitting a ground ball by keeping your pitches low. A low pitch is much more difficult to get under-spin on. Under-spin causes the ball to rise when it is hit. Over-spin makes the ball go down toward the ground...inducing a ground ball in many instances.

What is 'Zooter' in cricket?

The zooter is a form of wrist-spin, where the ball is held in the palm of the hand, pushed out of the front of the hand, and floats. The seam hits the ground level and the zooter does not spin either way.

What is a zooter in cricket?

The zooter is a form of wrist-spin, where the ball is held in the palm of the hand, pushed out of the front of the hand, and floats. The seam hits the ground level and the zooter does not spin either way.

How does spin affect motion?

Spin can affect motion by changing the direction and stability of an object. For example, the spin of a ball in a particular direction can cause it to curve or swerve during flight. In sports such as baseball or tennis, the spin of a ball can greatly impact its trajectory and behavior when in motion.

What are the different types of spins in tennis and when would you use them?

The different types of spin in tennis include: top spin, slice (under spin), and flat (no spin). Top spin is a favorite of the professionals. Top spin is primarily used for ground strokes, approach shots, and sometimes while serving. The beauty of top spin is that it makes the ball go high into the air, almost as if it is going to fly out, and then the top spin causes the ball to drop back in when it hits the ground. Plus, topspin causes the ball to bounce very high in the air. To hit top spin you brush your racquet from the bottom to the top of the ball. For example, think of the ball as a clock face. You brush from 6 o

What does spin do to baseballs?

Depends whether you're on offense or defense, if you're the pitcher, spin helps you tail and cut the ball (move to left or right) and sink and rise (down and up motion.) If your in the field the spin put on the ball off the bat can make it have the same motions and cause irregular hops when the ball hits the ground.

What is a spin dribble?

Spin dribble is when you are spinning the ball, then it hits you in the face and you dribble because you get knocked out.

Why does a ball come back when you put back spin on it?

When you put a backspin on a ball, the direction of the ball is going backwards. So when it finally hits any surface, it then hits that surface with the direction of the ball forcing it to go backwards...towards you!