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north and south

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Q: Which direction does Arizona Cardinals stadium face?
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Whais the definition of translation in math terms?

Translation is a transformation that "slides" an object in a fixed distance and in a given direction. The original object and its translation have the same shape and size, and they face in the same direction. An example of translation in architecture would be the stadium setting. The seats are the same size and shape and face in the same direction.

How close the cardinals have been to win Super Bowl?

In the 2008-2009 season, the cardinals finished 9-7 and won their division to make it to playoffs. They defeated the Falcons and Panthers in an upset to make it to the NFC Championship. The face the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona.

What direction do Japanese houses face?

They dont have a particular direction,they can face any direction.

What is an about-face?

An about-face is an abrupt turn to face in the opposite direction, or a complete reversal of attitude, opinion or direction.

What direction should your bed face?

In One Direction

If you face NE in which direction does your back face?


What direction do Muslims face to prey?

Toward the direction of Mecca.

What direction do Muslims face if they are in mecca?

They face the direction of Kaaba during praying while in Makkah (or Mecca(

Why do all seagulls always face the same direction in a field?

They face the direction with the wind, in other words, they dont like to face the oncoming wind.

Why do sheep face the same direction?

They always face into the wind. It makes takeoff much easier!

Which city do Jews face when they pray?

Jews pray facing the east-in the direction of Jerusalem

What direction do wind turbines face in a southerly wind direction?