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Which Premier League Defender Scored A Hattrick Last?

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Q: Which defender scored a hatrick in the premier?
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Who scored the fastest premier hatrick?

1995/96 robbie fowler in 5 minutes

When did Robbie Fowler score the fastest ever Premier League hatrick?

Robbie Fowler scored the fastest ever Premier League hatrick against Arsenal in the 94/95 season taking only 4 minutes 32 seconds.

What defender has scored the most goals in the premier league 2008 2009?

It is Evertons Lesscot.

Who scored a hatrick for England in 1966?

Geoff Hurst

Who has scored a hatrick for Birmingham city?

Mikel Forssell

Who scored tottenham hotspurs quickest hatrick?

Gareth bale

Has Torres scored a hatrick for Chelsea?

Yes he has he scored 2 in first half and 1 in 2nd half

Who scored first hatrick in 1930 world cup?

Diego maradona

How many Scottish players have scored a hatrick in the English premiership?


Who came on as a sub and scored a hatrick in the European cup final?

roy of the rovers

Which current premiership player scored hatrick against man utd?

Egil Østenstad

Who scored first hatrick in fifa world cup?

I think it was Michael of Spain in 1990.