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Q: Which day was the 1964 tokyo olympics held?
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When is the national sports day?

Sports Day, is a national holiday in Japan held annually on the second Monday in October. It commemorates the opening of the 1964 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, and exists to promote sports and an active lifestyle.

Which country participated with one name but left with another in 1964 Tokyo Olympics because it got independence during Olympics?

Northern Rhodesia became the independent country Zambia on October 24, 1964, the final day of the 1964 Summer Games.

What was held on the first day of the 2012 Olympics?

Soccer (or Football) was held on the first day of the London 2012 Olympics on July 25th. This was two days before the opening ceremony held on the 27th.

Is the Olympics held the same day every four years?


How long is the Olympics held for?

A fortnight and a day including the ceremony

Where is the 2012 summer Olympics going to be held bmx?

in londan gland in the day

When was the first modern olyimpics?

The first modern day Olympics were held in Greece in 1896.

Where is 2013 Olympics going to be held?

The Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics are only held every 4 years. As the summer Olympics was last year, it will next be on in 2016. The winter Olympics were last held in 2010, so they will on in 2014, thus meaning there will be no Olympics in 2013

What year were the modern day Olympics held?

Your question is very vague. . There are two Olympics - Summer sports and Winter sports. The games for these are held 4 years apart but the Winter games comes 2 years after the Summer Games. The last winter Olympics was in 2010, held in Vancouver Canada. The last summer Olympics was in 2008, held in Beijing China. We are currently holding the 2012 summer Olympics in London England. We will hold the next 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

When did Athens host the Olympics?

The first modern-day Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece on April 6, 1896. The 2004 Summer Olympics were also held in Athens from August 13th to August 29th.

In what country were the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896?

the first modern day Olympics were held in Greece in 1896

When is Eunice Kennedy Shrivers Day?

This event is always held the fourth Saturday of September. In 2016, the date is September 25. Special Olympics is held that day in many places around the world.