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Q: Which date in April t20 world cup will start?
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World cup 2011 start and end date - cricket?

ICC cricket world cup 2011 starts on February 19th, 2011 and ends on April 2nd, 2011.

What is the date the 20 20 cricket world cup starts?

30 April

What date is the World Cup?

the 2010 world cup wil start on June 11th 2010 and end on July 11th..........................

What is the exact date of final match of cricket world cup 2007?

2 April 2011

What date did India win world cup?

India won the world cup on 2nd April,2011.India won the world cup beating Sri Lanka in the final.India won by 6 wickets in hand.

Which date with month India win world cupcricket?

India won world cup on 2nd April,2011.It was held in Mumbai.

When does the Cricket World Cup 2011 take place?

The Cricket World Cup 2011 will start February 19, 2011 and go until April 2, 2011.

Who won the World Cup in 1872?

There was no World Cup on this date.

What was the date when World Cup 1992 held?

There was no World Cup in 1992.

How do you start a World Cup in FIFA 11 on Playstation 3?

you can't start a world cup on a normal fifa game. to start a world cup you need to buy the fifa 10 world cup special edition

How many world cup tournaments have there been altogether to date?

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is the 19th World Cup.

What month does the World Cup start in 2011?

The world cup is always held in June to July.