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Q: Which darts player won his first world champion in 2004?
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Who was the world champion of darts in 1988?

Bob Anderson

Who became bdo world darts champion in 2000?

Ted Hankey

Is Canada a champion in any kind of sport?

Canadian John Part, born in Willowdale, Ontario and resident of Oshawa, Ontario since 1991, was the first non-Brit to become World Champion of Darts and subsequently has become World Champion of Darts in 2003 and most recently in 2008. He continues to compete at the top world level in 2011.

Who is the best girl at playing darts?

Lisa Ashton is the present (2014) world champion.

Who is the richest darts player in the world?

Phil Taylor

Who is the world champion player of cricket in 2007?

Glenn McGrath is the world champion player of cricket in 2007.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Power of Darts - 2013?

The cast of The Power of Darts - 2013 includes: Eric Bristow as Himself - 5 Times World Champion Patrick Chaplin as Himself - Darts Historian, Anglia Ruskin University Tommy Cox as Himself - Former Manager, Jocky Wilson, Phil Taylor, Mike Gregory Olly Croft as Himself - Founder, British Darts Organisation Bobby George as Himself - 2 Times World Championship Finalist Trina Gulliver as Herself - 9 Times World Champion Barry Hearn as Himself - Chairman, Professional Darts Corporation Deta Hedman as Herself - 2 Times Masters Champion Martin Kelner as Himself - Broadcaster and Journalist John Thomson as Himself - Narrator Raymond van Barneveld as Himself - 5 Times World Champion Michael Van Gerwen as Himself - 2013 Premier League Champion Scott Waites as Himself - 2013 British Darts Organisation World Champion

How do you use champion?

Her favorite player was the champion. The winner of the game became the champion. He is the world wrestling champion.

Who was the first snooker world champion?

Joe Davis in 1927 was the first world snooker champion.

Who was the first American world chess champion?

The first American World Chess Champion was Robert Fisher.

Who is darts world champion 2009?

Ted Hankey was the 2009 BDO World Champion, and Phil Taylor was the 2009 PDC World Champion. Phil Taylor also won the 2010 PDC World Championship, the 2010 Championship started on December 18th 2009 and Finshed on January 3rd 2010.

Who are the richest darts players in the world?

Aspen Charles Barrera will be the richest dart player in the world!

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