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Robbie Keane.

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Q: Which current player has played in England Scotland and Italy?
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Who is the only player to have played in all leagues i n England and Scotland?

Colin Cramb

The only player to have played in every professional league in Scotland and England?

Colin Cramb

What player has played for Celtic and been relegated in Scotland and England and Italy and Spain?

Morten wieghorst

Player who played against man utd in last years champ league who also won double in Spain Scotland and England?


Who was the last England player to score a hatrick against Scotland?

Jimmy Greaves in 1961

Who is the current Essex cricket player who plays for England?

alistair cook

What player has featured in all four main divisions in Scotland and all four in England?

Colin Cramb

Who is the only player to have won medals for the League Championship the Cup and the League Cup in England and Scotland?

Kenny dalglish

Which player as won league and cup medals in England Scotland and Spain plus champions league?

Henrik Larrson

Is three player chess available in Scotland?

There is a game called Trichess, played on a triangular board. It is available worldwide, should be in Scotland as well.

Who is the most recent player to have played in all divisions and played for England?

i don't know about England but Former Liverpool and current espanjol right-back Steve finnin as played and scored in every league (prem, championship,league1,2 and blue square) Nicky Shorey played for Leyton Orient and Reading in all four divisions, and later went on to play for England.

Did Alan Brazil play cricket for England?

Alan Brazil, capped thirteen times as a football player for Scotland between 1980 and 1983, never played cricket at any level of the professional game.

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