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There has been no present or past NBA or ABA players who have worn the jersey number 87.

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Q: Which current or past NBA players wear number 87?
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What NBA players wear number 28?

No current NBA players wear number 28.

Which current or past NBA players wear number 18?

Marco Benelli - Golden State Warriors Omri Casspi - Sacramento Kings

What current football players wear number 3?

Daniel Backman

What current basketball players wear number 22?

mike jordan

What current MLB players wear the number 3?

Nobody baseball retired it.

What current professional sports players wear number 0?

number 0: Al Oliver (Baseball)

Which current English soccer players wear jersey number 6?

John Terry

Which current nba players wear number 1?

Nick Young - Washington Wizards

Which current baseball players wear the number 27?

Giancarlo Stanton ( Miami Marlins)

Which current and past NBA players wear a number from 90 to 99?

Denis Rodman wore number 91 In the 2007-08 season, Ron Artest wears #93 for the Sacramento Kings.

Which current professional baseball players wear number 32?

josh hamilton, and Eric hinske.

Which NBA player wears number 49?

There have only been two players ever in the NBA and ABA history to wear the number 49. They are Shandon Anderson and Mel McCants. There are no current players who wear the number 49.

What current professional basketball players wear number 32?

Mike Beasly Shaq O Neal

NBA players that wear the number 4?

There have been 223 players in the NBA or ABA who have worn the number 4. Some current players are Chris Bosh, Antawan Jamison, and Nate Robinson.

What players wear number 11?


What are current NFL Players Wear 6?

I dunno All But Mark Sanchez from the NY jets is wearing the number 6

Which current NFL players wear number twenty?

ed reed,brian dawkins,mike adams,atari bigby

Do NHL players wear 00?

no nhl players do not wear 00 because it is not a valid number

What current professional basketball players wear 52?

Greg Oden

Who currently wears number 21 in the NBA?

There have been 243 players to wear 21 as a number in the NBA or ABA at one point. Some current players are: Tim Duncan, Hakim Warrick and Thadeus Young.

What professional basketball players past or present wear jersey number 13?

Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns currently wears #13.

What NFL players past or present have worn or wear number 71?

Phil Loadholt of the Minnesota Vikings was one of the NFL players who has worn number 71. George Conner who was with the Chicago Bears was another player who wore number 71.

Who are the current baseball players who wear number 9?

I know only one person who wears no.9 for baseball It's JP Arencibia

Which current player wears the number 59?

There are no current NBA or CBA players who wear the number 59. In fact no one has ever wore the number 59. It is not a common jersey number, as many of the jersey numbers happen to feature lower numbers.

What football players wear the number 35?

Many players have worn number 35 in NFL history. Based on current numerical designations, numbers 20-49 are typically given to running backs or defensive backs.