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Diarra and Johnson recently played for both.

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Q: Which current Portsmouth players played for Chelsea?
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Who played in the 2010 FA cup final?

chelsea and portsmouth chelsea won 1-0

Arsenal players who have played for Chelsea?

One such player is Nicholas Anelka.

How many former Rangers players have also played for Chelsea?


How many players who won the FA Cup with Wimbledon in 1988 have played for Chelsea since?

four players

Which Football players have played for 3 clubs including Manchester united Chelsea Liverpool or Barcelona?

Mark Hughes played for Man United, Chelsea and Barcelona. Bolo Zenden played for Chelsea, Barcelona and Liverpool

Which Icelandic players have played in the premiership?

Eideur Gudjohnsen Played for Chelsea for a very long time.

5 players who have played for 2 premier league clubs and either barcalona or real Madrid?

Emmanuel Petit - Chelsea , Arsenal & Barcelona Eidur Gudjohnsen - Bolton, Chelsea & Barcelona Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Bolton, Chelsea & Real Madrid Lassana Diarra - Chelsea, Arsenal, Portsmouth & Real Madrid Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Sunderland & Barcelona

Which current Chelsea striker once played for Liverpool?

Nicolas Anelka

What players have played for Liverpool and Chelsea?

They are Bolo Zenden, Nikolas Anelka, Fernando Torres.

How many man united players have also played for Chelsea?

Juan Sebastien Veron

What is the number of the french players who played in Chelsea fc?

Two, Malouda and new signing Hazard.

What Players have played for man utd and Chelsea in the premiership?

juan sebastien veron, mark hughes