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Q: Which current NBA players have been in the league longest?
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What current players has been with one Major League team for the longest?

At the start of the 2011 season, that is Chipper Jones who is starting his 18th season with the Atlanta Braves.

What current baseball players have been with the same team the longest?

Derek Jeter Mariano Rivera Chipper Jones

What active players have been with their current team the longest in NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NFL?

NBA- Kobe Bryant NFL- Jason Hanson if you exclude Matt Stover because he went from the Browns to the Ravens MLB- Chipper Jones

Has there been female Major League baseball players?

No there has never been a female Major League player.

What current player has been in the NHL the longest?

chris chelios ?

How many baseball players go to the MLB from gsu?

None. There have been 13 affiliated minor league players and 4 unaffiliated minor league players to come from GSU.

Who is the current NBA player that's been in the NBA the longest?


Who are Major League Baseball players from Ecuador?

There has never been one

What team has been in the nhl the longest between Washington philly ny or Edmonton?

Of those four teams Philadelphia has been in the league the longest. The Flyers came in the league in 1967, the Islanders in 1972, the Capitals in 1974, and the Oilers in 1979.

Which 3 players have won premier league champions league fa cup and been relegated?

Kanu is one!

How many players have been sent off in a champions league final?


Who is number 22 in the national basketball league?

There have been 238 players who wore the number 22 in the NBA and ABA. Some notable current players are Corey Brewer, Rudy Gay, Jeff Green, Tayshaun Prince, Michael Redd

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