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John Terry

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Q: Which current English soccer players wear jersey number 6?
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What are all the current players in the NFL that have the number 4 jersey?

one Brett Favre

Which current or past NBA players wear number 87?

There has been no present or past NBA or ABA players who have worn the jersey number 87.

Which current English soccer players wear jersey number 8?

Steven Gerrard for Liverpool, Frank Lampard for Chelsea, Jermain Jenas for Tottenham to name a few.

Which current player wears the number 59?

There are no current NBA or CBA players who wear the number 59. In fact no one has ever wore the number 59. It is not a common jersey number, as many of the jersey numbers happen to feature lower numbers.

Which famous American football players have worn the jersey number 45?

American football players have worn the jersey number 45?

Which famous soccer players wear number 18 for their league team?

The former English footballer wears a jersey no 18

Which Bears players have worn the number 69 on their jersey?


Which current English soccer player wears number 13?

not many because most players are 1-11.

Players who wore football jersey number 5 for the university of Miami?

Hurricane players who wore number 5

How do basketball players get their jersey number?

The actual number is often chosen at random.

Which cricket players has jersey number 99?

Sourav Ganguly

Which sports players wore number 60 jersey?


Which cricket players has his jersey number 18?

Shoaib Malik

Which famous players have worn the jersey number 32?


Footlball players with jersey number 4?

Brett Favre

What basketball players jersey number was 34?

charles barkley

What is the highest number that can appear on a players jersey in basketball?


Which soccer players wear number 26?

John Terry is one soccer player that wears the number 26 on his jersey. John Terry is an English soccer player.

What NBA players wear jersey number 50?

There have been 106 players from the NBA or ABA who have worn the jersey number 50. Some notable players are Emeka Okafor, Zach Randolph, and David Robinson.

What NBA players wear number 28?

No current NBA players wear number 28.

Which Phillies players jersey is currently a must have?

Cliff lees new number jersey if you ask me. -J.R.C

Which players of Manchester United have wore jersey number 44?


What players on the Mets wore jersey number 16?

Angel Pagan

What players on the Mets have worn jersey number 1?

Mookie Wilson

Which famous soccer players have worn the jersey number 45?