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Charles Bennerman of Australia scored the first century in the first inning of the first Test Match in 1877.

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Q: Which cricketer scored century in the first session of the first Test Match?
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Which Cricketer scored the first century in a T20 match?

Chris Gayle scored the first century in T20 cricket.

Which cricketer scores a century in his debut test match?

According to me,Suresh Raina scored a century in his debut test match.

Indian cricketer who scored century on debut and last test match?


Which cricketer scored the first century in a T 20 match?

Chris Gayle (West Indies) scored the first century in International Twenty20 Cricket.

Who was the first cricketer who scored the first double century in one day cricket match?

Sachin Tendulkar .its wrong belinda clark..

Who is the first Indian lady cricketer to hit century?

The first Indian women's cricketer to score a century in Test cricket was Shantha Rangaswamy, who scored her first and only century between January 9-10, 1977, her, and India Women's, seventh Test match.

Who is the cricketer with maximum age to score a century in an One Day International match?

It is Sanath Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka. He scored it when he was 39yrs and 212 days old!!

Which Indian cricketer has scored three times 290 plus in test match?


Which Cricketer has scored the most 4's in his Test Match career?

Brian Lara

Which cricketer has scored the most test match runs ever?

Brian Lara West Indies

Which cricketer scored most test match centuries?

Sachin tendulkar has scored the most test centuries. 41 in 156 matches for India.

Which cricket players scored a century in their debut match but never scored another century?

Jonathan Trott of South African!!!!!

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