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Q: Which cricketer is called the kerala express?
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Time taken by train kerala express to reach Delhi to kerala?

how many days taken to reach kerala from delhi

Which cricketer is known as the Rawalpindi express?

Shoaib Akhtar

Which cricketer is known as Haryana express?

Kapil dev

You are a 10 letter city your 783496 letter is a river. 749852 is a state.5298 is a cricketer. 361 is a soap. 2810. find it?

mavelikara....... Dis is a City in Kerala 783496 - kaveri river 749852 - Kerala State 5298 - Lara Cricketer 361 - Vim Soap

Which trains go to kerala from hyderabad?

Sabari express

Does Ajay Jadeja Cricketer belongs to ezhava community?

Partly. In fact, his mother hails from an Ezhava family of Kerala.

What is the price of Nokia 5230 express music mobile in Kerala?

7100 i think

Which cricketer is known as ndingi express?

South African fast bowler Makhaya Ntini

Which state in India is called gods own country?

Kerala is called Gods own Country.

Is there any state in kerala called mallipuram?

there is a district in kerala named malappuram.

Who was called Lincoln of kerala?


What is people of kerala called as?