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BS Chandrashekhar of India

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Q: Which cricketer has scored the maximum ducks?
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Which player has scored maximum of ducks in odi cricket?

Srilankan Cricketer Jayasuriya has scored maximum (34) ducks in odi cricket..

Which cricketer scored more ducks in world cup?

Sanath jayasooriya is a great player.He got the most ducks.

Which Indian batsman has scored maximum number of ducks in world cups?

Kris Srikanth

Who has maximum no of ducks?

i do

Who is the cricketer without ducks in his whole career?

ducky momo

Which cricter scored most ducks in world cup?

NJ Astle from New Zeland scored most ducks in world cup.

Who is the cricketer with maximum age to score a century in an One Day International match?

It is Sanath Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka. He scored it when he was 39yrs and 212 days old!!

Which cricketer has got the most number of ducks in wc?

Chris Martin

How many ducks has sachin tendulkar scored in one day international?

Sachin Tendulkar has 20 ducks scored in one day international.

Who has scored the highest number of ducks in international test cricket?

Courtney Walsh of West Indies has scored the highest number of ducks in Test Cricket with 43 ducks in 185 innings.

Which Australian Cricketer has scored the most runs?

ricky ponting

Who was the knighted English cricketer who scored 197 centuries?


Which cricketer scored the fastest century for Pakistan?

Shahid Afridi

Which cricketer has the most ducks in cricket international?

brettjackson with 261ducks in 300 matches

Which cricketer has hit maximum six?

Brain Lara

What test cricketer scored his hundredth century in 1977?

Geoffrey Boycott

Who is the bangladeshi cricketer scored over 190 runs?

Tamim Iqbal

Which Indian cricketer scored first century in Lords?

sourav ganguly

Is cricketer scored less runs in more balls?

Sunil Gavaskar

Which test cricketer has scored the most sixes?

Adam Gilchrist (100).

Who is the only female cricketer to have scored a double century?

aiden billzard

Which Cricketer scored the first century in a T20 match?

Chris Gayle scored the first century in T20 cricket.

Which batsman has scored the most ducks in the cricket world cup?

Nathan Astle(Aus)5 ducks.

How many ducks has ms dhoni scored in ODI?


Which cricketer bowled maximum number in ODI?

Sachin Tendulkar