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Q: Which cricket team is at the 1st number in winning?
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Who was the captain of the first Indian International cricket Team?

CK Naidu was the 1st captain for Indian International Cricket Team.

When did Indian cricket team played 1st odi?


How do you select the cricket team name?

wat the hell are u talking about. ALL particepants in Cricket have the name of their country as the name for the team. But in 1st class cricket, it depends on the person who selects the players to create the team

Who was the 1st cricket captain of Indian cricket team?

Ajit wadekar was the first captain.(he just played 2 odi for india)

When does an inning begin?

The 1st inning and it last to the top of the ninth unless the away team is winning on the road, then the home team gets a shot at winning the game at the bottom of the ninth.

What is position of India cricket team?

Test Series Ranking-1st place ODI Ranking-2nd place.

Has Indian Cricket team ever won an icc world cup?

Yes, indeed the team won once but twice. 1st time on 1983 and then on 2011.

What team was ranked first in Group B?

Argentina was ranked 1st in Group B with 9 points, winning all three of its matches.

What is present ranking of India in cricket?

Test cricket- 2nd One day- 1st

What was the scores of each team in the 1st one day cricket match ever played between England and India?

dont really know dont really know

Which cricket Australian player scored the most centuries in 1st class cricket?

Michael clarke

What divisions play the wild card teams in the NFL?

It doesnt matter on divisions it's depends on the record. The 3rd place team plays the 6th place team. The 4th place team plays 5th. The 1st plays team plays the winning team with the worst record in the next round