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Assuming you are refering to Super Bowl Rings, the answer is Troy Aikman.

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Q: Which cowboy quarterback won the most rings?
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What quarterback and coach combo won the most super bowls?

Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Noll both have four SB rings.

What position has won the MVP in the Super Bowl the most?


Which mbl player has the most championship rings?

Yogi Berra won 13 rings which i think is the most rings to date

What Cowboy has won the most Rodeos?

nobody cares idiot

What quarterback has won the most Super Bowl games?

terry bradshaw

What quarterback has the most Super Bowl rings that never started a game?

Cliff Stoudt was on the Pittsburgh Steelers who won Super Bowls XIII and XIV and did not play in a single game much less start a game.

What quarterback won the Heisman Trophy the most times in their career?

aaron rodgers

What nfl quarterback has won the most games?

Brett Farve 186 wins

What current quarterback has won the most Super Bowls?

Tom Brady (3).

Which New York Yankee has won the most World Series rings?

Yogi Berra with 10 rings as a player and 3 as a coach ...

Which quarterback won the most super bowls?

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw have each won 4 Superbowls.

What university's alumni have won the most Super Bowl rings?

university of miami 50 rings