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Q: Which course activities are scored and which are unscored?
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How rare is a perfect season - undefeated and unscored upon - in high school football?

1989 Nanuet Senior High School, Nanuet, New York. The team went undefeated, untied, and unscored upon (10-0-0). They did all of this while their home field was being renovated, so all of the games were away games. Practices had to be held off campus and required a 40 minute round trip commute. Teurlings Catholic High School, Lafayette, Louisiana, 1981. Undefeated, unscored upon in regular season. Scored upon in Jamboree and defeated in playoffs. 1930 Steubenville Big Red, Steubenville, Ohio undefeated unscored upon 1967 Analy Tigers JV - Unscored upon, three zero/zero ties 1937 Norwich, NY high school was undefeated, untied and unscored upon

What is a unscored assessments you can use to find your strengths and weaknesses?


What pill is unmarked unscored white oval and taste like salt?

I had the same one. It was a white short oblong unmarked unscored tablet that tasted like salt but i was told it was hydrocodone/apap or some depresssant drug

What was the final score of the game Wilt Chamberlain scored 101?

He never scored 101 in a game, only 100 even.

Has Richie mcCaw scored a try in the all blacks?

Yes of course!

Do kids have a right to participate in school activities?

Of course!

When is there Informal unexpected learning?

Happens in the course of everyday activities

Who scored the only try for Munster in the 2008 Heineken Cup Final?

Denis "Bear" Leamy of course!!!

Who scored the most runs against each other in 2009 Yankees or red sox?

of course the yankees

What child scored the most goals in one season for hockey?

This Guy! Of course, it would be this stranger you don't know of who scored over 600 goals per season while playing with his friends!

Does your bodies need vitamins?

Of course,vitamins are essential for many vital activities.

How many different nationalities have scored goals in the English premiership?

About 75 different nationalities have scored in the English Premiership. Some players have duel nationalities. The top 5 nations are ENGLAND (of course),FRANCE,SCOTLAND,WALES,HOLLAND A Polish player has only scored once in the EPL !