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Cork who achieved the feat of winning both the All-Ireland Senior Football Final and All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final in 1890 and again in 1990.

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Q: Which county have won both the hurling and Gaelic football championships in the same year?
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Does Monaghan play Hurling or Football?

There would be a little Hurling but Gaelic Football is the main sport played in county Monaghan.

What is the Gaelic Players Association?

It is a the representative orgranisation for inter-county Gaelic Football and Hurling players.

What county has won the most all Ireland championships?

Kerry in football and kilkenny in hurling

What county has the most All Ireland titles?

After the 2014 championships, in Gaelic Football, Kerry have 37 All-Ireland Senior titles and in Hurling Kilkenny have 35 All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles. Those are the two highest.

What counties in Ireland play Gaelic football and hurling?

All 32 counties have Gaelic Football and Hurling teams. Counties have lots of levels in terms of ages and ability, so each individual county would have lots of county teams, from senior teams down to children.

What county in Ireland is known as the lillywhites county?

The county Kildare Gaelic Football and Hurling teams are known as the lilywhites. They wear all white colours when they play.

What sports where played in county down?

Gaelic football hurling all Ireland final achievements golf famous golf courses

Why has Kerry won 35 Gaelic football titles but only 1 hurling?

Because the county focuses 90% of it's resources on Football. There are many counties who focus on one or the other sport, Kilkenny being the notable county who focus almost exclusively on Hurling.

What events happened in 1886?

The GAA, Gaelic Athletic Association was founded in Ireland. a hotel in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. The GAA organises matches between different county teams in Ireland, in the sports of hurling and Gaelic football

Is Cork the best gaa county in Ireland?

Adding together Hurling and Gaelic Football titles won in all grades, Cork would be the most successful county in the GAA. As to which county is the best, that is a question that could be debated by many people.

Which county has won the most All Ireland Senior Hurling Championships?

Kilkenny have won the most All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles, holding 36 as of the end of the 2015 championship.

What county in ulster plays the most Gaelic football?


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