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The Winter Olympics will be in 2010 in Vancouver. The Summer Olympics will be in London in 2012.

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Q: Which country would host the next olympic games and when?
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What country has hosted the last Olympic games?

The last country to host the Olympic games was England.

Why was London chosen to host the olympic games?

Different cities put forward proposals including why they think they should host the games, how it would benefit the host city and host country and how effective would the hosts be. Then an international olympic committee decided on London

What were the last two countries to host the Olympic games?

it is our country

What country will host next Olympic games?

Brazil in 2015

Who chooses the next host and how?

Each Country get famous sports personalities to campaign on why their country should host the Olympic games. then the Olympic committee decide.

Who was the host country for the 1992 summer olympic games?

Barcelona, Spain.

Which country were the first modern olympic host?

The first Olympic Games were held in Greece.

If New Zealand can hold the Olympic Games why dont they?

New Zealand is a small country and simply could not afford to host the Olympic Games.

Why would a city want to host the Olympic Games?

for international fame

Which country will host 2013 olympic games?

Russia hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

When and where all Asian games played?

Like the Olympic Games, the Asian games are played every four years, and also like the Olympic Games a host city is selected from an Asian country.

What is the host city of 2012 Olympic games?

London, United Kingdom is the host city of the 2012 Olympic Games.