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il won the world cup that year.

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Q: Which country won the world cup for soccer in 1970?
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Which country hosted the 1970 World Cup?

The country that hosted the 1970 World Cup is Mexico

Champion in world cup for soccer last 1970?

Brazil was the world champion in 1970.

How much value 1970 tickets world cup soccer?

There was no world cup in the year 19970.

How many times israel won soccer world cup?

israel never won the soccer world cup. and israel was a Participant in the soccer world cup just one time in 1970.

What country was te World Cup found in?

The soccer world cup? England.

What is the soccer World Cup?

The soccer world cup is a football tournament in which 32 countries qualify to find the best country in the world.

Which country won the 1970 World Cup?

The country that won the 1970 World Cup is Brazil after beating Italy 4 goals to 1.

What country has won World Cup in soccer in their home country?


What country had the longest losing streak in soccer world cup?

its not soccer its football

Who has more World Cup in soccer?

Brazil. This country won 5 times the World Cup.

Which country won the soccer world cup recently?

The 2010 world cup was won by Spain.

What was the host country in 1970 world cup?


Which country was runners-up in the 1970 World cup?

Italy were runners-up in the 1970 World cup after losing to Brazil.

Which country won the soccer world cup in 1978?


What country hosted the first world cup in soccer?


What country hosted the 1994 Soccer World Cup?


What country to win soccer world cup consecutive?


Which country host the 1986 soccer world cup?


Which country has particapitad in all soccer world cup?


Which country will host the 2018 Soccer World Cup?


What country won the fist soccer world cup?


How has the world cup of soccer been changed over the years?

The old world cup was given to Brazil in 1970, now the world cup is a rotating one.

Which country won the fa cup in 1970?

The FA cup is a club competition. It was won by Chelsea in 1970. Brazil won the World cup in 1970.

What country won the world cup soccer in 1994?

Brazil won the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

What country hosted soccer's World Cup and what country won the World Cup in 2010?

Hosted by South Africa; won by Spain.