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Spain was crowned the 2010 FIFA World Cup champion after defeating the Netherlands in a 1-0 match (a.e.t).

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Q: Which country won the FIFA World Cup Football Match 2010?
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Who defeated Spain in a group match in Football World Cup 2010?

Switzerland beat Spain 1-0 in the first match of the group stage in the 2010 World Cup.

Where is held football world cup 2010 final match?

Soccer City, Johannesburg.

Which country will hold the 2010 football world cup?

The 2010 world cup will be held in south africa.

Which country hosted the 2010 Football World Cup?

South Africa hosted the 2010 world cup.

Which team score most goals in a single match of world cup football 2010?


What country made the football of 2010 world cup?


Which country has won the 2010 football world cup?


What is this weeks match world cup fantasy football transfer code 29th June 2010?


Which country will host the 2010 football world cup?

south Africa

Which country is the host of the 2010 football world cup?

It is South Africa.

Which country was unbeaten in 2010 world cup football?

New Zealand

Which country was runners up in football world cup 2010?


How many countries played play off football match in the world cup 2010?

sorry dont know

2010 world cup football is going to be held in which country?

it is going to be in Africa

Which country hosted the Football World Cup this year?

South Africa hosted the world cup in 2010.

Answerscom WikiAnswers categories sports football - soccer international football which team is the republic of Ireland playing in their first match in the fifa world cup?

The Republic of Ireland are not playing in the 2010 World Cup.

What country is playing the best at the 2010 Football World Cup?

Spain because they won

Who won the England v USA world cup 2010 football match?

It was a draw. However, England were expected to win, and failed to.

How many gold medals did NZ win at fifa world cup 2010?

They did not win a medal, but they were the only country not to loose a match in 2010.

What is the transfer password for match mag fantasy football?

Match Fantasy Footy 2010/11

What country has hosted the cricket and rugby and football world cup?

England has hosted all three. South Africa will join them when they host the football World Cup in 2010.

How many football games did ivory coast team win?

In the 2010 world cup Ivory coast won one match only.

Where is the first World Cup 2010 match?

The first match in the 2010 world cup is between South Africa and Mexico.

Who did Spain play football with on Wednesday 7 th July 2010?

Spain played a match against Germany on July 7 in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Which was the only unbeaten team in the football world cup?

New Zealand was the only country in the 2010 world cup not to loose a game.