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Brazil and by 2014 they still will be because they are hosting it

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As the F.I.F.A world cup is a rotating cup , it can not be owned by any country. The winner will have to return the cup to F.i.F.A after a time.

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Q: Which country participate all FIFA world cup?
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Country that participated in all FIFA world cups?


Name the country which has played all world cup?

Brazil is the only country that has qualified for every FIFA World Cup.

Why aren't all of the countries in the World Cup?

no not all country's have been in the FIFA world cup for example Canada has never made to the world cup

What is the FIFA World Cup all about?

the FIFA world cup is all about the love of soccer.

Which is the only country that enters four teams for the world football cup?

There are four teams that are members of UEFA and are either part of United Kingdom or are British overseas territories. These four teams are England, Wales, Gibraltar and Scotland. All these teams participate in the FIFA world cup qualifiers.

What is the best soccer country in the world in order?

The answer to this changes all the time as the world rankings are regularly updated. Check the FIFA website for details.

How many times has Brazil been to a FIFA world cup?

Brazil is the only country to have participated in all world cups. (19 times)

Name the countries that have been knocked out of the 2010 world cup?

All 208 FIFA member countries participate in the World Cup qualifiers, with only 32 making it to the World Cup Finals. As such, the list of countries is pretty huge.

Which country has been in three FIFA World Cup penalty shoot-outs and lost them all?

EnglandIt has been england.

Who is the only team to play in all the FIFA world cup Championships?

Brazil is the only country to play in every world cup since 1930.

When was the FIFA World Cup held in England?

at 1951 England joined FIFA in 1905, but after WWI the British football associations boycotted FIFA. They all rejoined in 1946

Who is the captain of the all whites of 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Ryan Nelsen is the captain of New Zealand (All Whites) in 2010 FIFA World cup.