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Second best hockey team are those losers USA but what is important is Canada,the best hockey team ever. -_- take that USA.

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Q: Which country is the second best in hockey?
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Who is the best college hockey team in the country?

The best college hockey team in the country is by far the bemidji state beavers, watch out wcha! There coming for ya!!!

Can you play field hockey and cross country?

Cross country would be one of the best ways to train fitness for hockey

Which country invented the game of modern hockey?

pakistan as it is the best than the rest

Which country plays the best field hockey?

There are a lot of good field hockey countries but the best for men are probably the Netherlands, Germany and Australia and the best for women are probably Argentina, the Netherlands and Australia.

What country does Hockey come from?

I think that Hockey first started in a country named Canada.

What country has the best hockey pucks?

The best quality hockey pucks and the ones used by the NHL are manufactured in Canada and Russia. These two countries have the best quality vulcanized rubber and the best quality control for the manufacturing process. Don't forget to freeze your pucks for the best results.

Which team is the best team in hockey?

Since the National Hockey League is usually considered the best hockey league in the world, the winner of the Stanley Cup is the best team in hockey.

Hockey demonstration speech?

hockey is the best

Best way to make rep hockey?

the best way to make rep hockey is to have hockey sense and agility

Who is the best hockey goalie ever?

the best goalie in hockey is Roberto luongo

What Country was All types of Hockey discovered in?

Canada descovered hockey

What is the top best country in terms of education in Asia?

South Korea, which is the second best country in terms of education in the world.