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Serbia and Hungary are the best, closely followed by Croatia and Spain

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The world champions in Water Polo is Serbia.

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Hungary by a wide margin ... through the 2008 Games in Beijing they have won 9 gold medals in water polo. The next most is 3 by Italy, Yugoslavia, and Great Britain.

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Q: Which country is the best in water polo?
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Who is the best at water polo?

Hungary won the men's gold medal and Italy won the women's gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in water polo and are both likely contenders for the 2008 Olympics. Update; Hungary did win the Olympic gold medal in mens water polo at Beijing in 2008 to make a hattrick of consecutive golds. The womens competition was won by the Netherlands

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usually Hungary

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Croatia (CRO) won the Men's Water Polo and the Women's was won by the USA

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