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Chess was invented in India not in orient.....and chess is the national game of Russia.

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Q: Which country is having Chess as their national game?
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Which country national game is chess?


Chess is the national game of which country?

russia but it was invented in the oriant

Which country has the chess game as national game?

A "national game"? Well I am not aware of it but the following countries are strong at chess and they may be proud of their chess grandmasters: Russia, Ukraine, China, India, England, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, among others.

What is the Russian national game?

Chess is the national game of Russia.

Which is India's national indoor game?


Which country invented chess game first?

Chess originated from India.

Which country did game of chess originate?

the game CHESS originated in INDIA, a long centuries back.....

Is chess the national game of Russia?

No. It was originated from India.

Which country chess game famous?

Russia .

Which country is having athletics as their national game?

None really they just are weird

What country does chess board game?

Country Germany doses much it.

What is Russia national game?

One of the most important games in Russia is chess. Many Russians enjoy playing it. I don't know if chess is the national sport of Russia but I do know chess is a very important game in Russia.

Which country invented the game of chess?

England. Chess has been played since the 1300's.

Footballl is national game of which country?

football is national game of which country ?

Which country has boxing as its national game?

boxing is which country's national game

How can win chess?

To win at chess you must be better than your opponent by having more experience and being better studied at the game of chess .

What is the national game of Armenia?

the national game of Armenia is the chess! they teach it in every were;schools, clubs and so on any were you look you can find them at any age children or old Armenians playing chess!

Who starts in game of chess the black player or the white player?

White has the distinction and privilege of having the first move in chess .

Badminton is national game of which country?

badminton is not a national game

Which country is considered as The cradle of Chess?

Chess has developed over the centuries in many countries to become what it is but the first chess-like game originated in India.

Which country national game is tennis?

tennis is India's national game.

Which country was the game chess from?

it was what i have come to know , the Indian during the Persian empaier

Can you play a chess game?

Yes, you can play a chess game.

When was The Game of Chess created?

The Game of Chess was created in 1987.

Which country's national game is Badminton?

englandBadminton is the National Game of Indonesia & Singapore.

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Which country national game is chess?

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