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The country is New Zealand.

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Q: Which country is furthest away to travel to the world cup?
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What country is furthest from New Zealand?

Spain and Portugal are furthest away depending on where you are in NZ. I think the furthest country from NZ is Morocco.

What is the furthest away country from Beijing?


What EU country is furthest away from Ireland?


What is the country furthest away from Australia?

Green land

What is the furthest country from the UK?

The country that's the furthest away from England is New Zealand. That's is as much as we know so far.

What country competing in world cup is furthest away from south Africa?

Lebanon? Idk but I need to find out for my homework "/ Great. ;L

What spanish speaking country is far away from New zealand?

Mexico is the spanish speaking country furthest away from new zealand

What is the furthest place away from London?

furthest place away from england?

Which country is the farthest from Australia?

Geographically Iceland is generally the furthest country from Australia. Iceland is considered the furthest away because if you were to travel any further you would end up coming back to Australia.

Which colony was the furthest away from Britain?

which penel colony was the furthest away from britain

Which country is the furtherest away from Antarctica?

The furthest point from Antarctica would be near the geographic North Pole, which is in Canada. The country whose southernmost border is the furthest from Antarctica would be Iceland.

Least amount of earthquakes in which country?

Locations furthest away from the equator get the least amount of earthquakes.

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