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Russia, Norway, Sweden, U.S.A, Canada, Germany and Austria are the dominating forces within winter sports and are pretty much the only nations to win at winter sports.

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Q: Which country is famous for winter sports?
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Which European country is famous for its winter sports?

Lots of European countries are famous for winter sports. These would include Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland

Which European country is famous for winter sports?

For example- Switzerland, Austria, Norway, etc.

What are some famous winter sports out there?

A few popular winter sports are skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and ice hockey. Although these sports are mainly played in the winter, special winter houses can be built to play these sports all year.

Which country is famous for sports cars?


Which of Islamic country is famous for sports?


What sports are played the most in Norway?

Football (soccer) is definitely the most famous summer sport in Norway. There are several popular winter sports, but Norwegians are very good in cross country skiing, and that's a popular sport in Norway. We're one of the best winter sports nations in the world in sports such as ski jumping, biathlon and cross country. But to answer your question I have to say soccer.

What sports is Switzerland famous for?

Mainly winter sports ... they have won their most Olympic medals in alpine skiing, bobsleigh, and snowboarding.

Which sports make up winter biathlon?

Cross country skiing, and shooting

For what sports is each country most famous for in Spanish speaking?


What are winter and summer sports?

Winter sports are those played during the winter season and summer sports are played during the summer. Winter sports include things such as snow sports and wrestling Summer sports include things such as track and field.

What sports has Spain participated in the winter Olympics?

Alpine SkiingBiathlonCross-Country SkiingFigure SkatingFreestyle SkiingSkeletonSnowboard

What sre common sports in Norway?

cross country skiing is very popular during the winter

What sports are played in Austria?

You can play most of the common sports in Austria but Austria is famous for its soccer and of course for the sports played in winter. skiing, snowboarding, ski-jumping and so on.

What sports are in the winter Olympics?

There are 15 sports at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic GamesBobsledLugeSkeletonIce HockeyFigure SkatingSpeed SkatingShort Track Speed SkatingCurlingAlpine SkiingFreestyle SkiingSnowboardingBiathlonCross-Country SkiingSki JumpingNordic Combined

What are the names of famous winter sports?

Ice hockey Skiing Ice skating Bobsledding Curling Snowboarding Snowmobiling

What are the sports that Ethiopia is playing in the Olympics?

In the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010, they are competing in cross-country skiing.

What Olympic sports start with C?

Cross country skiing is a Winter Olympic sport. Cross country cycling is a Summer Olympic sport.

How did the winter Olympics begin?

By moving all the sports that seemed like winter sports from the summer games to the winter games

In the 2010 winter Olympics how many sports are there?

There are currently 15 sports for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

How many winter sports did they start off with in the Winter Olympics?

16 events in 9 sports

Two winter olympic sports where there are 12 gold medals to be won?

Cross Country Skiing and Speed Skating.

Which country is bigger Norway or sweeten?

Sweeden is bigger than Norway. Both in total area and population. But not in winter sports.

What are the release dates for Winter Sports on the Lake - 1903?

Winter Sports on the Lake - 1903 was released on: USA: 1903

How many winter Olympic sports are held outdoors?

Winter Olympic sports held outdoors are alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, cross country skiing, bobsleigh, skeleton, luge, ski jumping, nordic combined, biathlon, and snowboarding.

What sports can you do in the winter at the alps mountain?

The sports include cross-country skiing, snow shoes, chair lift, ski lift, snowboard, mountain maps and skiing lessons.