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Billiards is not the recognised national sport for any country.

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Q: Which country is billiards the national sport?
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Which country has national game as billiards?


In what sport has the ball a yellow stripe?

Billiards: 9-ball (although, billiards may not be an actual sport)

National sport in every country in the world?

SOCCER is a national sport in every country

What is a sentence for billiards?

Billiards in the name of a popular cue sport.

Which country's national sport is kabbadi?

Kaddabi is the national sport of Bangladesh.

Is billiards a sport?


Is billiards a recognized sport?


Ice hockey is the national sport of what country?

Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada.

What is a indoor sport with no team?


Rugby is the national game of which country?

Rugby is not the national sport of any country in law, but it is considered to be the national sport, 'de facto', of Wales and New Zealand.

What is difference between squash and billiards?

The main differences are that squash is a racket sport and played on a court. Billiards is a cue sport and played on a table. There is only one soft ball in squash and three hard balls in billiards.

In what country is curling the national sport?

I don't really know what country it's the national sport I thought someone else would know

Witch country in Oceania calls soccer its national sport?

Vanuatu is the only country in Oceania that calls soccer it's national sport

What is Indias national sport?

The national sport of India is field hockey. The most popular sport in the country, however, is cricket by far.

What sport uses 12 balls?


Which sport features a short jenny?


Which sport uses the term whitechapel?


Is karate the national sport of any country?

Taekwondo is considered a form of karate and is the national sport of South Korea.

What type of sport is baseball known as?

In the United States, baseball is known as a national pastime and is the national sport of the country.

Which sport uses all the balls?


What is the roughest team sport in the world?

shower billiards

What is the national sport of Egypt?

soccer but in their national language(arabic) it is known as koraThe most popuar sport in the country of Egypt is football. It is also considered to be the national sport as well.

Archery is the national sport of what country?


In which country is cricket the national sport?


Baseball is national sport of which country?