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England invented cricket

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England invented cricket

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Q: Which country invented cricket
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What country was cricket invented in?

southern England in the 16th century

Is the Cricket invented in Australia?

No, the cricket was invented in England.

In what country do they play cricket?

Cricket is played in the United Kingdom, where it was invented. It is also played in most of the countries of the British Commonwealth.England.

When was cricket invented?

Cricket was invented by Australians in the 17th century.

Was cricket invented in 1787?

Yes cricket was invented in 1787....

Who invented the sport cricket?

i think Greeks invented the sport cricket

What year did England start playing cricket?

When cricket was invented they invented it

Who invented the modern style of Cricket?

Indian penguins invented cricket in 1526AD.

How cricket invented?

cricket was invented when they played a game with a stick and a ball then stumps

Place where the game of cricket was invented?

Cricket was invented in England in 16th century.

Which country is known as home of cricket?

England, the game was invented there, but unfortunately like most of the sports they invented they aren't very good at it.

Where is cricket from?

england. England invented cricket in the 1800s.

Who was invented the cricket first in this world?

Cricket was invented by the english, it is mainly played in the commonwealth countries.

Who invented cricket-ball?


When and where was cricket invented?


Who is invented cricket?

The English.

Did they use to play cricket in the 1600s?

no cricket was invented in the 1800s

What was invented first cricket or baseball?

by far cricket. baseball actually desended off of cricket

Who invented the cricket ball?

Hamlet Nicholson is the inventor of cricket ball.

Who invented cricket ball?

Hamlet Nicholson is the inventor of cricket ball.

Who invented backyard cricket?

me of course

What sports did the french invented?


When was cricket first invented?


What man invented cricket?


At what year cricket was invented?