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The country is New Zealand.

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new zealand

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Q: Which country has to to travel the furthest to the london 2012 Olympics?
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Which country has to travel the furthest for summer Olympics?

united kingdom

How does a country get to be in the Olympics?

Lots of talent. Then the country has to submit a form to the comitee for entry. After that, they travel to the olympics.

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How would athletes travel from Australia to go to the London 2012 Olympics?

by plane or boat :p

What direction would you travel to go from Paris to London what country are each ocated?

what direction would you travel to go from paris to london what country are each located

How did Australia travel to the Olympics in 1896?

Edwin Flak was from Victoria, a British colony that became a part of Australia. He was living in London at the time of the Olympics and was the only Australian to compete in Athens in 1896.

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